Our name alone says it all FASTCIGARETTES, when you hear just that what does it tell you? Nothing else but that we are the Alpha in Fast Cigarettes Delivery. Buy cigarettes quick online with us and enjoy amazing discount prices. You don’t have to move an inch, we do all the work for you, why Should you leave your busy schedule just to go out to get smokes from your local shop when they are going to sell to you at such extortive rates? 

Buy Cigarettes Quick Online With Us

We have a team of eco-friendly delivery partners that are readily waiting to pop up at your locality. With a pick up of your favorite brand and get them delivered to you in minutes, and guess what? Our standard delivery is FREE!!!. Still, our prices are relatively cheaper than those of our competitors.

Our Shop

Whatever your favorite brand of cigarettes or tobacco product is, know you can find it in our shop. Buy cigarettes quick online with us, we have an extensive list of products in our product line. So if you’re looking to Buy cigarettes quick online we got you covered.

Our website’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. Just scroll through our shop or better still just go ahead and search for your favorite brand on the search bar, it’ll take you directly to your desired cigarettes from there you can go ahead and select your quantities, sometimes we have a minimum order, but whatever the case we always try to be reasonable with the quantities. Anyways after you’re done you can now check out and go on to empty your cart. Please make sure you always enter your information correctly, especially your delivery address. So when you are done making payment and it is confirmed our delivery partners are automatically on their way with your order. Before you know it they’ll be right there knocking on your door.


Also, we give you the opportunity to cancel orders even after payment has been made and we make full refunds on all canceled orders if your goods happen to be damaged or you got the wrong order we reship the order again and make sure you receive it in less than 24 hours. Aren’t we just the best? Oh YES, WE are!

So from now on buying cigarettes quick online-only means one thing, ‘Come Shop At FACS”.

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