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USA online cigarettes
USA online cigarettes

The seven most popular brands in the USA cigarettes online are Marlboro (40%), Newport (14%), Pall Mall Box (8%), Filtered Camel (7%), American Spirit (4%), Kool (3%), and Winston (2%). In line with the U.S. Census data and the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), statistics show that the following cigarette brands listed below are the most smoked brands in the United States in recent years.

Marlboro: 11.79 million Americans

Newport: 5.37

Paul Mall: 3.16

Camel: 2.31

American Spirit: 1.37

Kool: 1.30

Winston: 0.94

Virginia Slims: 0.70

Basic: 0.68

Salem: 0.58

Benson & Hedges: 0.40

Capri: 0.39

Parliament: 0.37

Doral: 0.35

Merit: 0.23

Dunhill: 0.16

From the numbers, it’s clear that Marlboro flawlessly leads the pack (no pun intended) with a market share that surpasses most of it’s competitors combined. Therefore it has been the number one cigarette brand in the USA cigarettes online market.

Hence, at, we offer the largest collection of premium Marlboro blends alonside many other renown brands consumed in the United States. Consequently, we offer up more than 10,000 different types of quality cigarettes in our catalog from leading tobacco names in the industry – the likes of, Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds, and ITG, not withstanding several other top manufacturers inclusive.

Furthermore, we ship discretely both in and out of the USA cigarettes online. and all it takes is a full working-day for an interstate delivery. As a result, We hold that client satisfaction is our number one priority because we give our customers what they want. Moreover, every named brand sited above is found in our collection and lots and lots and lots more.

Last but not least, discounts do apply where large purchases of USA cigarettes online are involved and above all, we offer free worldwide shipping including tracking. Arguably, our records hold some of the safest, most convenient cigarette deliveries ever, not to mention the fact that we ship with no altercations even in the heat of Covid-19.

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