Credit Card payments for tobacco products are simply prohibited for United States Citizens. Your option is limited to purchase from You can use Paypal, Zelle, Cash App, Bitcoin instead of the above method of Payment.

Credit Card Payments in USD

Essentially the purchase of tobacco products online using credit cards as the payment method is illegal in the United States. This is due to some credit card issuers, such as VISA and Master Card having signed the PACT, where they prohibit the use of their credit cards to purchase tobacco products and its derivatives, including E-Cigs. The basis of their decisions were based on nothing more than money. The Government of the United States compels all parties involved in the business of selling tobacco to pay excise taxes for their products and the U.S. Government has gained millions of dollars from the sale of tobacco products online.

High Risk Business

The selling of tobacco is a high-risk business especially as a merchant, and we sell our products and services to the United States and around the world. Tobacco products are subject to a mandatory tax and customs inspections. As a merchant, you stand the risk of experiencing a chargeback if the products ordered are apparently stuck in customs, or even seized. Generally, we are very sorry pleading for customers in the United States and abroad who very often perform chargebacks without communicating with us first. They lose money when these products have been delivered.

We accept PayPal

We ask customers from the United States for profuse apologies as we mostly accept PayPal payments the great deal of the time. It’s very easy for us to lose thousands of dollars in our PayPal account due to chargebacks, fraud, and pitfalls that finally make our paypal account permanently limited when chargebacks are filed against us without the clients consulting with us first.

Is PayPal the only easiest option we accept?

No, of course! We have many other payment solutions for all the loyal customers of in the United States and beyond.

We accept Bitcoin

Nowadays, Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing currencies which is taking over the world and you can buy Bitcoins using your credit card. Please visit websites such as Coinbase and the like to buy all the Bitcoins you need to use and trade with us. You can get the bitcoin with ease, store it it your wallet and then send us your payment from your wallet to ours in seconds with very minimal fees. Don’t let the Government keep track of your transactions!

Buy bitcoin from Coinbase using a credit card, there’s the slightest open chance the Government can track your transactions so long as the use of the bitcoin isn’t aimed at being used anonymously and the service provider used to purchase the Bitcoins with the credit card allows you to buy tobacco products with it. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Clean Your Bitcoin before transacting with us

Move the bitcoin you have bought into your personal bitcoin wallet. You can download a bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone, iPad, or computer. Please download Mycellium Bitcoin Wallet for Android and iOS, Coinbase, Paxful, Coinmama, Blockchain, etc. You can save your bitcoin in any of these wallets safely with high levels of personal security like 2FA coding  pin codes, fingerprints, etc. These things do no longer rest on the service provider as they used to be before. These days, your bitcoin can readily be used to buy whatever you want both online and off in most stores and places including our products.

Now you have complete control of your Bitcoin as well as your money, and there’s no more interference from the Government and the law. Our apologizes for the inconvenience to our customers from the United States. We are always looking for the best solutions for you. These are not only the options that we have, we also accept Zelle and Cash App as payment options as well. 


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