Buy Clove cigarettes Australia. Kretek popularly known as clove cigarettes are unfiltered cigarettes of Indonesian origin, made with a blend of tobacco, cloves, and other flavors. The word “kretek” itself is an onomatopoetic term for the crackling sound of burning cloves.



Partly due to favorable taxation compared to filtered “white” cigarettes, kreteks are by far the most widely smoked form of cigarettes in Indonesia, where they are preferred by about 90% of smokers. In Indonesia, there are hundreds of clove cigarettes manufacturers, including small local makers and major brands. Most of the widely known international brands, including Sampoerna, Bentoel, Minak Djinggo, Djarum, Gudang Garam, and Wismilak originate from Indonesia. Nat Sherman of the United States produced cigarettes branded as “A Touch of Clove” but they were not true kreteks, since there was clove flavoring infused into small crystals located inside the filter, rather than actual clove spice mixed with the tobacco.

Kreteks/clove cigarettes often serve as a base for Indonesian herbal cigarettes, by adding various herbs in addition to clove spice.

Structure and ingredients

The quality and variety of tobacco play an important role in clove Cigarettes production. One clove cigarettes brand can contain more than 30 types of tobacco. Minced dried clove buds weighing about 1/3 of the tobacco blend are added. Sometimes the last process that machine-made or hand-rolled kreteks go through is the spraying of sweetener at the butt end of the cigarette.

Why you should buy kretek cigarettes in Australia

Cigarette smoking is on the decline in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your after dinner smoke just yet. If you’re looking for a reason to keep smoking, look no further than clove cigarettes. Kreteks/clove cigarettes are made with a blend of tobacco and cloves, giving them a unique and aromatic flavor that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. Best of all, they’re still relatively inexpensive compared to other brands on the market. Looking to buy clove cigarettes in Australia? Then read on.

In this guide we’ll explain where you can find the best place to buy clove cigarettes in Australia, how you can get a carton delivered straight to your door and even how you can save money by doing so. By the end of this guide you’ll have all the information you need to start your own clove cigarettes smoking habit, without worrying about breaking the bank. 

Where to Buy Clove Cigarettes in Australia? 

Australia is no stranger to clove cigarettes. In fact, when it comes to tobacco products, Australia is one of the biggest importers in the world. Clove cigarettes are one of the most popular products in the country, and you’ll find them at some corner store or gas station. However, many smokers aren’t aware that there are cheaper alternatives out there. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, more and more people are choosing to buy their clove cigarettes online in Australia. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the web to find the best clove cigarette deals on the market today. Check out our recommendations below! 

FAST CIGARETTES (FACS) Offering both regular and menthol flavors, FACS is a great place to buy clove cigarettes Australia from. It’s the best spot to start your clove cigarettes smoking journey. For as little as $30 you can get a selection of different flavors and strengths, making it a great option for enthusiasts of all kinds. 

What’s more,FACS offers free shipping on orders over $150. You can learn more about FACS, including the full list of flavors and prices, here: FACS – Clove Cigarette Brands []

Clove cigarettes are made with tobacco and cloves, giving them a unique flavor

Clove cigarettes are made with tobacco and cloves, giving them a unique flavor. They’re popular in Indonesia and other parts of Asia, and now you can buy clove cigarettes in Australia! Clove cigarettes are known for their smooth, mellow taste and aroma, making them a great choice for anyone who enjoys smoking. 

Now you can buy clove cigarettes in Australia online, which is why you should check out the selection at today! 

Ordering Cigarettes & Cartons Online at FACS ordering clove cigarettes online in Australia is easy when you work with FACS! Simply select which type of clove cigarettes you want and then place your order today. You can even customize your order by choosing your flavor, brand and whether you want filtered or non-filtered cigarettes. You can also order cigarettes in cartons, which are available in most packs. Shop online today to find the perfect cigarettes for you and have them delivered to your home, or anywhere else in Australia! 

24-Hour Online Ordering for clove Cigarettes. You can place an order for Kretek cigarettes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you shop with! Simply visit the website and choose the option that best suits your needs. You can browse the cigarette brands and flavors, or view the available cartons. Add your selections to your cart and complete your order with ease. 

It’s good to know that we ship clove cigarettes within Australia, or you can arrange for next-day or overnight delivery. We also offer free shipping to all Australian orders over $150. 

They have

Kretek cigarettes are a traditional Indonesian smokes, made with a blend of tobacco and spices – most notably cloves. They’re often called ‘clove cigarettes’, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in Australia. If you’re looking to try something new, or just want to add a little variety to your smoking routine, clove cigarettes are definitely worth checking out. There are plenty of places to buy clove cigarettes in Australia, both online and offline. 

Here’s our guide to what kreteks are, how they’re made, and where to buy them. What are Kretek Cigarettes? Kretek cigarettes are more than just cigarettes. They’re an Indonesian cultural icon, and a favourite for many smokers in the region (including non-smokers too). They’ve had a huge impact on the history of Indonesia. So, what exactly is a kretek smoke? 



Kretek cigarettes are a blend of tobacco and cloves, which create a spicy, fragrant smoke. They’re made by rolling a mixture of tobacco, cloves and water-based flavouring into a traditional Indonesian type of cigarette called a kretek. The result is something that looks like a Western style cigarette, but with a unique aroma. Why Do People Smoke Kreteks? Kreteks are more than just cigarettes; they’re also an Indonesian cultural icon. 

Smoking kreteks isn’t just a way to relax and unwind after a stressful day, they’re also regarded as an integral part of Indonesian culture. They’re often smoked as a social activity, just like cigarettes. In fact, they’re also popular with non-smokers too. So, what’s so special about kretek smokes? According to some research, kreteks are more than just cigarettes – they’re also flavoured with herbs and spices. 

There’s some evidence to suggest that kreteks have medicinal benefits, and some people use them to help with stress and anxiety. Using them for medicinal purposes goes back centuries. Kreteks are made by rolling a blend of tobacco, cloves and water-based flavouring into a traditional Indonesian-style cigarette called a kretek. Each kretek is made individually, and the end result looks like a Western-style cigarette.

Many websites sell clove cigarettes at a discounted price. 

If you’re looking to buy clove cigarettes in Australia, there are many websites that sell them at a discounted price. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source. There are many fake websites out there selling counterfeit cigarettes. Not only will you be wasting your money, but you could also end up with harmful chemicals in your body. Make sure to do your research before purchasing clove cigarettes from any website

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