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As of June 2020, menthol cigarettes have been banned across California. The ban came about as part of a larger bill designed to reduce the number of young people taking up smoking. The law is part of a wider trend of governments worldwide pushing for tobacco control and reducing the number of smokers. However, despite the ban, it is still possible to buy menthol cigarettes in California, albeit with some restrictions. In this blog post, we will explore the different ways you can purchase menthol cigarettes in California and the restrictions you need to be aware of.

As of June 2020, California has become the second state in the United States to ban the sale of most flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes. However, buying menthol cigarettes in California is still possible through certain means. Whether you are a smoker or you’re looking to purchase cigarettes as a gift for someone else, finding menthol cigarettes in California can be a challenge. This blog post will guide you through the options for buying menthol cigarettes in California, including legal and safe methods to ensure you get the product you want.

As the world becomes more health-conscious, smoking has been on the decline. However, for some people, smoking remains a part of their daily lives. For those individuals, finding the right brand of cigarettes can be a challenge. If you live in California and enjoy menthol cigarettes, it can be difficult to find a reliable source for your preferred brand. This blog post will guide you through the process of where to buy menthol cigarettes in California, so you can enjoy your smoke break without any hassle.

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