Cigarettes After Sex’s rise

Cigarettes After Sex: The Rise of a Cult Band

Cigarettes After Sex's rise

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Cigarettes After Sex’s rise

Firstly, Cigarettes After Sex, an ambient pop collective fronted by songwriter Greg Gonzalez, has emerged as one of the biggest cult bands in the world. With their breakout self-titled debut album released five years ago, they have recently garnered viral attention on TikTok, leading to remarkable growth in their audience and album sales. As their monthly listeners on Spotify approach 15 million, they have solidified their position as one of the most streamed artists on the platform, currently ranking 343rd worldwide. In this article, we will explore the journey, success, and unique sound of Cigarettes After Sex, focusing on their latest release, “Pistol.”

The Debut Album: Cigarettes After Sex

Secondly, Cigarettes After Sex’s self-titled debut album, released in June 2017, marked their entry into the music scene. The album quickly gained attention for its dreamy and atmospheric sound, characterized by intimate vocals, washed-out guitars, and synths that created a minimalistic yet transportive atmosphere. Tracks like “Apocalypse” and “Each Time You Fall In Love” showcased the band’s ability to evoke emotions through their evocative lyrics and captivating melodies.

Viral Moments and TikTok Fame

Thirdly, In recent years, Cigarettes After Sex experienced a surge in popularity thanks to viral moments on TikTok. The platform’s users discovered and shared their music, leading to a significant increase in streams and exposure. These moments introduced their unique sound to a wider audience, propelling their debut album back into the Top 200 charts globally.

“Pistol”: A Return to Form

Fourthly, After a hiatus of over two years, Cigarettes After Sex returned with their first new music since their debut album. “Pistol,” released in November 2022, showcases the band’s signature elements while introducing a subtle increase in tempo. The song features Greg Gonzalez’s yearning vocals layered over a driving rhythm, complemented by dreamy guitars, swelling synths, and a sense of intimacy that resonates with listeners. With its release, Cigarettes After Sex once again captivates their fans and attracts new listeners.

The Band’s Unique Sound and Style

Furthermore, Cigarettes After Sex has cultivated a distinct sound that resonates with their dedicated fan base. Their music can be described as ambient pop, characterized by its ethereal and introspective qualities. The band’s ability to create a sonic landscape that transports listeners to a dreamlike state is a testament to their artistic vision and musical prowess. The intimate and emotional lyrics, combined with the atmospheric instrumentation, create a captivating and immersive listening experience.

Live Performances and Global Tours

Moreover, Cigarettes After Sex’s popularity has translated into sold-out shows and successful global tours. Fans eagerly anticipate the band’s live performances, where they can experience the ethereal atmosphere of their music firsthand. From Downtown Las Vegas to Dublin, the band has graced stages around the world, captivating audiences with their intimate and mesmerizing shows.

The Band’s Discography

In addition to their self-titled debut album, Cigarettes After Sex has released several other projects that have further solidified their place in the music industry. These include “Cry,” “Affection,” and “Crush,” each showcasing the band’s evolution and growth as artists. With their latest release, “Pistol,” Cigarettes After Sex continues to captivate listeners and expand their musical repertoire.

Collaborations and Influences

Finally, Cigarettes After Sex’s unique sound has drawn influences from various genres and artists. Their music incorporates elements of dream pop, shoegaze, and ambient music, creating a distinct sonic palette. The band’s collaborations with other artists and producers have also contributed to their musical diversity and evolution. These collaborations have showcased their ability to seamlessly blend their signature sound with other genres, resulting in captivating and innovative musical experiences.

The Cult Following and Global Impact

In addition, Cigarettes After Sex’s success can be attributed in part to their dedicated and passionate fan base. Their music has resonated with listeners around the world, creating a global impact that transcends borders and language barriers. The band’s ability to evoke emotions and create a sense of nostalgia through their music has garnered them a cult following, with fans eagerly awaiting each new release and live performance. Cigarettes After Sex’s rise


Lastly, Cigarettes After Sex’s rise to prominence is a testament to their unique sound, captivating lyrics, and ability to transport listeners to a dreamlike state. From their breakout debut album to their recent viral success on TikTok, the band has solidified their position as one of the biggest cult bands in the world. With their latest release, “Pistol,” they continue to captivate their audience and expand their musical repertoire. As they embark on global tours and collaborate with other artists, their influence and impact on the music industry are poised to grow even further. Cigarettes After Sex is a band that has defied expectations and carved out their own niche in the music world, leaving an indelible mark on listeners worldwide.

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