Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Cigarettes: A Comprehensive Guide to Prices and Options

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## Introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Lucky Strike cigarettes. In this article, we will delve into the world of Lucky Strike cigarettes, exploring their prices, options, and where to find them. Whether you’re a loyal Lucky Strike customer or just curious about this iconic brand, we’ve got you covered.

A Brief History of Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike, an American original, has been a beloved brand for decades. Known for its distinctive packaging and smooth flavor, Lucky Strike has become a staple in the tobacco industry. The brand’s rich history dates back to 1871 when it was first introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes: Prices and Options

Wholesale and Retail Prices

When it comes to purchasing Lucky Strike cigarettes, you have several options. Let’s take a look at the wholesale and retail prices for different types of Lucky Strike cigarettes:

TypeWholesaleRetailPick UpDeliveredCartonPack
Regular Kings & Filters$56.19$56.59$60.69$6.07
R.J. Reynolds Kools$56.19$56.59$60.69$6.07
Higher priced Kings & Filters$58.03$58.45$62.68$6.27
Pall Mall (Savings)$53.35$53.73$57.62$5.76
Pall Mall (Full Price)$58.03$58.45$62.68$6.27
Best Value$42.01$42.30$45.37$4.54
Benson & Hedges$57.77$58.18$62.39$6.24
English Ovals$64.46$64.91$69.61$6.96
Dunhill International$60.49$60.92$65.33$6.53
Virginia Slims$56.19$56.59$60.69$6.07
Liggett Select$42.51$42.81$45.91$4.59

Please note that these prices are subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to check with your local retailer for the most up-to-date information.

Where to Find Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes are widely available at various retailers. Here are some places where you can find Lucky Strike cigarettes:

  1. Tobacco Shops: Many tobacco shops carry a wide selection of Lucky Strike cigarettes. These specialized stores often have a dedicated section for different brands and flavors.
  2. Smoke Shops: Smoke shops are another great place to find Lucky Strike cigarettes. These establishments cater to smokers and usually offer a diverse range of cigarette brands.
  3. Wholesale Stores: Some wholesale stores, like Sam’s Club, offer Lucky Strike cigarettes at competitive prices. These stores often sell cigarettes in bulk, making them a cost-effective option for frequent smokers.
  4. Online Retailers: In the digital age, you can also purchase Lucky Strike cigarettes online. Many e-commerce platforms and websites specialize in selling cigarettes and tobacco products, providing convenience and a wide range of options.
  5. Local Convenience Stores: Lucky Strike cigarettes are commonly found in local convenience stores. These stores are easily accessible and can be found in most neighborhoods.

Age Restrictions and Regulations

It’s important to note that Lucky Strike cigarettes, like all tobacco products, are strictly regulated. In the United States, the legal age to purchase tobacco products, including cigarettes, is 21 years old. High school students and individuals under the legal age are prohibited from buying Lucky Strike cigarettes.


Lucky Strike cigarettes have stood the test of time and continue to be a popular choice among smokers. With a range of flavors and options available, Lucky Strike offers something for every preference. Whether you’re a long-time fan or considering trying Lucky Strike for the first time, we hope this guide has provided valuable information about prices, availability, and regulations. Remember to always smoke responsibly and in compliance with local laws and age restrictions.

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