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Navigating Nevada’s Tobacco Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Retailers

Overview of Federal and State Tobacco Regulations

can i buy menthol cigarettes in nevada

In an effort to curb tobacco use among youth and promote public health, both the federal government and the state of Nevada have implemented stringent laws and regulations governing the sale, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products. These measures aim to restrict access to tobacco for underage individuals while ensuring compliance from retailers. can i buy menthol cigarettes in nevada

Federal Tobacco Control Act

Enacted in 2009, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) grants the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of tobacco products. This landmark legislation introduced several key provisions:

  • Restricting Tobacco Marketing to Youth: The Act prohibits the sale of tobacco products to minors, vending machine sales (except in adult-only facilities), the sale of packs with fewer than 20 cigarettes, tobacco-brand sponsorships, and free giveaways of sample cigarettes or branded promotional items.
  • Requiring Smokeless Tobacco Product Warning Labels: Manufacturers must include warning labels on smokeless tobacco products, highlighting potential health risks.
  • Ensuring Scientific Evidence for “Modified Risk” Claims: Any claims suggesting a tobacco product presents reduced health risks must be substantiated by scientific evidence.
  • Mandating Ingredient Disclosure: Tobacco companies must disclose the ingredients used in their products.
  • Preserving State, Local, and Tribal Authority: The Act upholds the ability of state, local, and tribal governments to enact additional tobacco control measures.

Nevada’s Tobacco 21 Law

In April 2021, Governor Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 59, commonly referred to as the Tobacco 21 Bill, into state law. This legislation prohibits the sale, distribution, or offering of cigarettes, tobacco products, vapor products, alternative nicotine products, or nicotine-containing products to individuals under the age of 21. can i buy menthol cigarettes in nevada

The law applies not only to traditional brick-and-mortar retail establishments but also to online sales and transactions conducted through computer networks, telephonic networks, or other digital platforms.

Retailer Responsibilities and Compliance Requirements

As a tobacco retailer in Nevada, it is crucial to adhere to both federal and state regulations to avoid penalties and protect minors from the harmful effects of tobacco use. Here are some key compliance requirements:

Age Verification

  • Check photo identification for anyone attempting to purchase tobacco products who appears under the age of 27.
  • Only sell tobacco products to customers aged 21 or older.

Product Restrictions

  • Do not sell cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, smokeless tobacco, cigars, hookah, pipe tobacco, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, or nicotine gels through vending machines or self-service displays, except in adult-only facilities.
  • Do not give away free samples of any tobacco product, including components or parts.
  • Do not sell cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, or roll-your-own tobacco containing characterizing flavors (except menthol or tobacco flavor).
  • Do not display advertisements for tobacco products without a health warning statement.
  • Do not sell cigarette packages containing fewer than 20 cigarettes, including single cigarettes (“loosies”).
  • Do not break open tobacco product packages to sell products in smaller amounts.

Signage and Labeling Requirements

  • If selling cigars individually, post a sign with six required warning statements within 3 inches of each cash register.
  • If mixing or modifying e-liquids or vaporizers for sale, comply with regulations for both retailers and tobacco product manufacturers.
  • If selling loose tobacco, comply with regulations for both retailers and tobacco product manufacturers.
  • Display a notice at the point-of-sale indicating that selling tobacco products to individuals under 21 is prohibited by law.
  • Ensure one sign complies with the requirements of NRS-442-340 (Nevada Revised Statutes).

Packaging Restrictions

  • Do not sell cigarettes, smokeless products made or derived from tobacco, or alternative nicotine products in opened packages.
  • Sell these products only in unopened packages originating from the manufacturer and bearing required federal health warnings.

Display Restrictions

  • Do not sell cigarettes through any display accessible to customers without assistance from the retailer, except for compliant vending machines.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with Nevada’s tobacco laws can result in fines and potential legal consequences. Violating the requirement to display a notice prohibiting sales to individuals under 21 can lead to a fine of up to $100.

The Importance of Retailer Compliance

By adhering to federal and state tobacco laws and regulations, retailers play a crucial role in protecting children and adolescents from the dangers of nicotine addiction and the devastating health consequences of tobacco use.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA, approximately 1,500 kids smoke their first cigarette every day, and around 200 become daily cigarette smokers. Additionally, in 2020, 19.6% of high school students reported currently using e-cigarettes.

As a retailer, your compliance with age verification, product restrictions, signage requirements, and packaging regulations can significantly contribute to preventing underage access to tobacco products and safeguarding the health of Nevada’s youth.


In summary, the federal Tobacco Control Act and Nevada’s Tobacco 21 Law have established a comprehensive framework to regulate the sale, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products. As a retailer, it is essential to familiarize yourself with these laws and implement strict compliance measures to avoid penalties and, more importantly, protect minors from the harmful effects of tobacco use.

By adhering to age verification protocols, product restrictions, signage and labeling requirements, packaging guidelines, and display limitations, you can play a vital role in promoting public health and creating a tobacco-free environment for Nevada’s youth.

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